The financing systems have changed. It has gone from financing through traditional banks to new forms and alternative financing instruments, such as crowdfunding, Business Angels and Fintech companies.

The European Commission, through different published documents, points out the need to carry out actions aimed at improving the knowledge of new investors, who finance a project, for example, through crowdfunding.

One of the activities proposed by the European Commission, according to the Communication “Unlocking the potential of collective microfinance in the EU” published on 03-27-3014 (COM (2014) 172) is “Achieving greater awareness of collective microfinance, improving information and training and raising quality levels “.

One of the companies in our group is a crowdfunding platform that finances projects from its initial phase (TRL0) to the commercialization phase (TRL9).


A Business Angels is a private individual, often with a high economic capacity, and usually with business experience, who directly invests part of his personal assets in new and growing private companies. These types of investors can invest individually or through a network. Business Angels play an important role in the economy. In many countries, they are the second source of external financing for newly created companies, after "family office". Venture capital participation is becoming increasingly important, as well as economic growth and technological advances. The European Commission has been encouraging for several years to strengthen funding through Business Angels, especially in venture capital investments.


Our consultancy has mutual fund management partners from different countries, including the US. Through this type of financing we can obtain financing for large-scale projects both in the initial phase and in the commercialization phase.

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