The European Consuling team is specialized in the preparation and monitoring of European projects through different programs of the European Commission such as:

  • Horizon 2020
  • Cosme
  • Interreg-Med
  • Citizens
  • Eat
  • Erasmus +
  • Come

The projects that we elaborate are usually structured based on the level of maturity of the same (TRL). For this our consultant works to obtain grants for the following types of projects:

RIA (Research and Innovation)

This action consists mainly of activities with the objective of establishing new knowledge to exploit the viability of a new or improved product, technology, process, service or solution in general. For this purpose, they may include applied basic research, development and integration technology, testing and validation of a small-scale or simulated prototype on a real scale. The demonstration activities are directly linked to demonstrating the viability of the product or service in the operating environment. In European programs, you can get up to 100% of the cost of the projects, within the bankable lines, according to Horizon 2020.

IA (Innovation)

These are actions that consist mainly of activities directly aimed at the production of plans and structures or designs of new, modified or improved products, processes or services. For this purpose, they may include, in some cases, the creation of prototypes on a large scale, testing, demonstrations, piloting, large-scale and pre-commercial validation of products. The demonstration or pilot aims to validate the technical and economic feasibility of the new product or service, process or new or improved technology, whether industrial or otherwise. Projects can include up to 20% of research activities but they are very limited. In European programs, up to 70% of the cost of the projects can be achieved, within the eligible lines, according to Horizon 2020.
They are usually products or services that are in TRL6 and will move to TRL9.
The TOPIC of the SME Instrument and Fast Track are included in this line.

CSA (Coordination and support)

These are actions that consist mainly of measures of accompaniment, dissemination, awareness and communication, creation of networks, coordination and support, policy dialogues, mutual learning exercises, studies (including design studies for a new infrastructure) and complementary activities of strategic planning.
In European programs, you can get up to 100% of the cost of the projects, within the bankable lines, according to Horizon 2020.

Other types of calls and actions are:

  • Creation of Infrastructures
  • PPP
  • Actions for commercialization and internalization.
  • Promotion of investment.
  • Others

Our consultant works on the preparation of projects to present them to European, international, national or regional calls.

These are, among others, the services we provide:

  • Search of national, European and international partners.
  • Elaboration of the proposal, including technical and administrative actions.
  • Consortium agreements and signature of subsidy contract.
  • Follow-up of the project and support in the justification of the grants.
  • Support in the structuring and management of the consortium, where appropriate.
  • Advice and support in meetings with the European Commission or with the corresponding body.
  • Follow-up and analysis of the projects from the moment the financing is obtained to the justification.


Our company works different types of clients:

Big enterprises


Non-profit organizations

Public administrations


Our team consists of evaluators of European projects that are currently not active, economists and technology, among others. EASME coach also collaborates with us for the advisory activities in SME INSTRUMENT and Fast Track.

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